Cow bugs Otinotus oneratus Oxyrachis tarandus

(Membracidae : Homoptera)


Plate 36 : Cow bug adults

The cow bugs are of common occurrence in Central and Southern India .

Adults are grey brown and have horn like projections on the thorax (Plate 36). Nymphs are lighter in colour. A close observation shows corky tissues and eggs in groups arranged roughly in the form of " V" .

Plate 37 : Cow bug eggs

Both the nymphs and the adults suck sap from green stem. Also the eggs are partly inserted into the stem (Plate 37).


Plate 38 : Ants visiting cow bug infested plant


The cow bugs excrete honey dew. From a distance the ants can be noticed moving on the plant (Plate 38) which get attracted to honey dew excreted by bugs. Heavy infestation results in formation of corky tissues and reduced plant vigour.

Small populations or occurrence nearing the time of harvest do not warrant any insecticide application. However, in situations contrary to this any systemic insecticide like dimethoate, methyl demeton or phosphamidon may be used.