Plume moth Exelastis atomosa (Pterophoridae : Lepidoptera)


Plate 7 : E. atomosa adult

A major pest of red gram throughout India . Peak populations are noticed during November to March.

Adult is small moth with yellowish brown wings. Fore wings are cut into two plumes and hind wings into three (Plate 7).

Plate 8 : E. atomosa larva

The green oval eggs are laid singly on buds and pods. Larvae are green or brown, spindle shaped, and covered with short spines and long hair. On the dorsum two thin yellow lines run along the body (Plate 8).



Plate 9 : E. atomosa pupa


Pupae which are brownish, look like the I larvae and are attached to the pod surface (Plate 9).

The larvae bore into the buds, flowers and pods and feed on the developing grains. j

Endosulfan, quinalphos, carbaryl, fenvalerate, cypermethrin or deltamethrin are effective.